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We Are Lasers Preview – AJ Allen by ajallen92
March 27, 2009, 7:19 pm
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lupe-11Lupe Fiasco has shown his credibility and his ability to produce amazing albums through his first two albums: Food and Liquor and The Cool. He has shown that he has a unique style that captures the heart of any hip-hop enthusiast who feels like there are more important things to talk about than women, money, and cars. Not only are his lyrics very unique but his delivery is also exceptional. Above all, his humility is also something that any Lupe Fiasco fan can admire about the artist.

In Lupe Fiasco’s Gotta Eat, he references his upcoming album when he says, “This, and other adventures on Lupe Fiasco’s next album LupEND.” But since then things have changed. Many reporters are now saying that Fiasco’s next album will not be LupEND but instead, We Are Lasers. Fiasco revealed the name of his upcoming album via Twitter, on March 22nd when wrote, “We Are Lasers…comes from some repressed highschool outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions.”

There is not much else that his been revealed about We Are Lasers. For now all I can say is that you can expect a sound similar to this in Lupe Fiasco’s next album:

And He Gets The Girl (Right Click and Click “Save Link As” to Download)


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What happened to The Great American Rap Album?

Comment by Nut

I think it was cancelled

Comment by ajallen92

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