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Someone to Keep an Eye On (B.o.B) – Nico Satryan by ajallen92
April 2, 2009, 9:54 pm
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Hello viewers, this is my first post on creatively boundless, so I thought I’d first explain what it is that I’ll almost always be writing about.  My articles will generally be about new artists that I like, new songs or albums, or up and coming concert tours and events that look good. The types of music that I will cover will be mostly R&B/ Soul, some hip hop, and some alternative.

Today, I’d like to discuss an artist that I recently stumbled upon and liked instantly. He is billed as B.o.B., and I first found out about him on youtube. (By the way, I recommend that everybody out there try to use youtube to find music, because sometimes iTunes will not add an artist to their store because of copyright laws). B.o.B. is a relatively unknown artist right now, but I believe that he is someone to keep an eye on because he shows great potential, and already has some great tracks.  B.o.B. is a young artist who spans his musical productions over a mix of different genres.  Some of his songs are hip hop, and have great hooks, but still some deviate from the traditional view of hip hop, with B.o.B. on the piano or guitar.

For people looking for a comparison, B.o.B. is quite similar to Andre 3000, they both have a very unique sound, and a wide variety of styles. B.o.B. can sing well, and can rap even better. The song that I took note of at first was a song called “I’ll be in the Sky”, which starts with B.o.B. on the piano, and breaks into a fast paced, and illustrative song about his life growing up, and his struggles in the business. Even though B.o.B. is working hard, he still keeps an attitude to be admired.  His lyrics make listeners think about what they are listening to, and engages them in the music.

Still, don’t let this low profile deceive you. B.o.B. lets his listeners know that he is always changing; always upping his game to the next level. In “I’ll be in the Sky”, B.o.B. says, “Remember when I leave,/ That the one in the mirror ain’t  me,/ It’s just someone that I call B.o.B./ It’s Kinda me,/ But it’s not”. B.o.B. is telling us that he is always hungry to be on top, and that he is never the same as he was the day before.

Recently, his talents have been reaching out to many different facets of society. His acronym billing name can be written out as one of many different things. Some say that his name means, “Bring one Blunt”, or “Bring one Beer”. Others suggest that it means “Business over Bullshit.” These translations have taken on a negative undertone that B.o.B. wanted to keep in check, so while he does not deny these translations, he also offers, “Books over Bullets”, and his personal favorite, “Beats on Blast.”

Any way you look at B.o.B., you’ll see a versatile artist with the ability to change things up in the current rap community. With  his meaningful lyrics that are still clean enough to play on the radio in most instances, he has changed up the game of popular music today. B.o.B. puts power behind his words and raises the bar for the other artists out there. B.o.B’s influence in hip hop is going to change popular hip hop for the better. B.o.B talks about his thoughts on the current popular radio rap in his song Generation Lost.

B.o.B. presents a new face that is much needed in the popular rap community today, and puts some significance back into the art of lyric writing. He does this, and can still maintain a sell out crowd promise.  B.o.B. says of himself, “I got everything you need when you need it.  I know how to make you sing”.

I’ll be in the Sky – B.o.B (Right Click and Click “Save Link As” to Download)

You can download B.o.B’s mixtapes here:
The Future


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Generation Lost is so good

Comment by ajallen92

Appreciate the love.

Comment by DJ Cal

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