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Oh, The Hazards Of Love – Molly Ostrow by ajallen92

In these new technological times, people are able to pick which songs to buy off of albums and simply put their iPod on shuffle instead of sitting down and listening to an entire artist’s album the whole way through like they would’ve intended. Some artists have accepted that, and adapted by not making the songs need to go in any specific order to make sense, but not the rebels The Decemberists. On the Decemberists’ new album, Hazards of Love, each individual song is part of an overall story and listening to them out of order simply doesn’t work.

From the solely instrumental Prelude a story is begun, characters are introduced and have their conflicts that are finally resolved in the last track, “The Hazards of Love 4,” when they say “these hazards of love/ never more will trouble us.”

This album, or musical as I should say, is like a twisted fairy tale centering around the story of the lovely Margaret, introduced in “The Hazards of Love 1,” singing to herself of “the hazards of love” in the forest of Taiga. Other characters include a shape shifting monster that knocks her up, William: her love, an evil rake, and an equally evil queen. Throughout the story, which is broken up into 17 tracks, Margaret falls in love, has a baby and is even abducted. Is she saved? And what happens to her and William? You’ll have to listen to find out….

The usually five member band is aided by an impressive number of voices from Robyn Hitchcock and Jim James of My Morning Jacket to Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond to name a few, and each member takes on a different character. Overall this is a great CD from the Decemberist’s, who never disappoint, centering around story so confusing you’ll have to listen to it a few times through just to understand it, but I can bet that you won’t even mind doing just that.

The Hazards of Love 1 (Right Click and Click “Save Link As” to Download)


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good stuff

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