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What’s the Word (8/24/09) by ajallen92

Asher Roth’s new video from his album, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, “She Don’t Wanna Man” ft. Keri Hilson.You can watch the video here

Radiohead did their first live performance of their new song “Twisted Words”

Jay-Z is going to have a benefit concert on September 11 (the date that Blueprint 3 is released) at Madison Square Garden
Another song, “Reminder,” was leaked from the Blueprint 3 you can listen to and download it here

Amy Winehouse performed at the V festival with The Specials. This was her first performance in the UK since last years V festival.

A little bit of a new Kid Cudi song, “Cudi Zone,” was released. You can download “Cudi Zone” here

Bow Wow has released his new mixtape, The Greenlight Mixtape, you can download the mixtape here

Legendary British alt-rockers Oasis seem to be on the verge of a breakup (quite possibly for the 100th time). Rumors that the band may call it quits at the end of this tour after over a decade together began when they opted out of the headlining slot at the V music festival yesterday. Also, frontman Liam Gallagher, has alluded to a great deal of tension betwenn him and his brother, guitarist/ songwriter Noel Gallagher, saying simply “He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him, that’s it.” Similarly, Liam recently told NME magazine If doing a solo album makes [Noel] happy, yeah, it makes him happy. It would sound very civilised I reckon – that’s a f***ing awful thing – but maybe it’s a good thing for him.” While this could be just one of the many Gallagher family feuds that have happened over the years, Oasis parting ways does seem to be a possibility. Still, this shouldn’t come as a surprise from a band that’s broken up over the Gallagher brothers fighting more than once in the past.


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